Our Mission

The Ramapo Rescue Dog Association is a volunteer 501(c)(3) search and rescue organization that uses air-scenting German Shepherd Dogs to help locate missing individuals in wilderness and disaster situations.

The unit name was derived from the Ramapo Mountain chain in northeastern New Jersey and portions of southeastern New York where members regularly train.

Founded in 1971 and incorporated in the State of New Jersey, Ramapo has conducted numerous searches throughout the Eastern and Central United States.
The unit’s proven effectiveness can be attributed to two factors: the use of air-scenting dogs and the high demands made on all handlers and support personnel.

Ramapo is a member of the German Shepherd Search and Rescue Dog Association (GSSARDA), The Tri State K9 Alliance and the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR). Ramapo is also a member of the Search and Rescue Council of New Jersey (SARCNJ) and the New York State Canine Association.